Camp Kumbya 2018

Camp Kumbya 2018

On Friday, October 5th, 40 Grade 12 students and nearly 20 volunteers headed out to Lake Kivu at Camp Kumbya for our annual Grade 12 Camp.  Camp Kumbya is situated in the southwest corner of Rwanda on a beautiful peninsula. 

Students had a wonderful time hearing great speaking from Pastor Hassan and David Okeyo who encouraged them on their walk with God.  The theme of Grade 12 Camp was “Divergent” and four key principles and teaching points of Focus, Deal With It, Being Morphed, and Trusting our Anchor

Students had fun participating in team building games that teach lifelong principles and ideas, such as communication skills, the importance of teamwork, and keeping our eyes on our goals.  Students also enjoyed free time, participating in swimming, kayaking, cliff jumping into Lake Kivu and more.  One of the highlights of camp every year is the amazing food prepared by Mama Prince and her team. 

We are thankful for our volunteers who helped coordinate logistics, prepare food, lead team building games, and the teachers that led and mentored groups of students.  It truly was a blessed time and we are thankful for God’s protection, safety, and the good weather we experienced. 

“I loved the food! The praise, worship and devotions were all so meaningful and relevant.  I love how the team games helped us bond together as a group.”  – Laura

“I enjoyed the group bonfire as people had the chance to express themselves about how lovely it was to spend time with teachers, and hearing people reflect on how they can grow spiritually.  I also loved all the water games.”  – Adelaide


“The team building games that taught us how to work together and how to achieve results.  I loved jumping off the 8 meter plank into the water because of the adrenaline rush.”  – Rougy

“The food!  The preaching helped us learn more about God and deepen our relationship with Him.” – Boris