School Facilities

Science Labs

Wellspring Academy is blessed to have three modern well-equipped science labs for different subject areas. Our Physics lab, Chemistry lab and Biology lab allow students to complete the  practical sections of their Cambridge curriculum.

Computer Lab

Knowledge of technology and the ability to use a computer has become a necessity in recent years. Our secondary section computer lab offers students the opportunity to learn ICT skills essential to the work place they will enter in a short time.

Smiling students using computer


Wellspring Academy is blessed to have a library for our students to use as part of their regularly scheduled day. Our students are encouraged to read for pleasure and study for their classes in the library. Students are also able to do research in the library.

Art Room

Art allows students to express themselves and stretch their imagination. We value art as a subject and believe it is necessary to study art in addition to other topics. Our students practice their skills using a variety of mediums and techniques.

Music Room

Music, like art, allows freedom of expression. At Wellspring Academy we have a room dedicated to the study of music. In addition to classic musical study and performance, we also have amaraba, our school’s cultural troupe.

Sports Fields/Courts

Wellspring Academy is home to two basketball courts, a soccer field, and a volleyball court. Every term, we host games between our teams and other international schools’ teams. Sports enrich our students lives by teaching teamwork.

Primary Play Area

The primary play area gives primary students the opportunity to take a break from their classwork and socialize with their friends. Socializing is an important part of development in young children.

 Primary/Secondary Sheds

The secondary and primary sheds hold many meetings and events for our students, including devotion time on Mondays and Fridays. These areas also serve as safe pick up and drop off locations for our students.

Class Experiments

Wellspring Academy Students in their different classes and per Subject, they are given a chance to Experiment what they learn theoretically. They try new things.