Spiritual Life

Spiritual Development at Wellspring Academy


For an effective learning experience, spiritual activities at Wellspring Academy aim at enabling students to reach their full potential in Christ in all areas of life (physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally). I Samuel 2:26; Luke 2:40 and 52


Students’ Spiritual Development


We aim to inspire learners to take joy in reading the Bible, to develop a living relationship with Jesus Christ, to discover, develop and use their God given talents for the glory of God.  


Morning devotions:

  • For Lower primary classes, teachers take time to share the Word of God with children and together, they learn how to apply biblical truths in daily life.
  • For upper primary and secondary section, teachers guide and facilitate students into groups that organize praise and worship and prepare the sharing of the Word.
  • Teachers share their input or summary of principles to retain for life application.


Assemblies (Primary and Secondary Sections):

These are special times for students of each section to meet (primary on Friday morning and secondary on Monday morning) for praise and worship: and for sharing the Word of God. This is also an opportunity for administrators to meet with students for various announcements and encouragement.


Staff Spiritual Development


For staff to uphold Christian values and be authentic example of living biblical truths as they integrate these values in their daily practice and teaching: Living and teaching biblical truths is the essence of effective teaching (Building on Basics, pg. 8).  

  • In order to be true disciples of Jesus Christ and exemplary good shepherds (I Peter 5:1-4), staff regularly meet on every Wednesday afternoon to study the Word of God, pray for each other, for children and for the ministry as whole.


Lunch fellowship

  • Every day at 1:30pm (except for Wednesday), staff meet in staff room to share the word of God, pray for various issues and share lunch. This is also a special time to share testimonies and prayer requests (personal or work related)