Student Registration

Wellspring Academy is open to all students with parents/guardians who are willing to uphold and support the school vision and mission.  A link to our online registration system is now open! Click on Apply Now to register for the 2020/2021 Academic Year.

Please note: All registrations must be submitted online through the school website and will be taken in the order they come in. Access to our online registration system is available at the Wellspring Academy Administration office for families who do not have access to a home computer or Internet.

Online Registration

Online registration for the 2020/2021 academic year is now open!  Registration can be done online on any computer or device and will take several minutes to complete. Just click the button below, fill in the form, then click SUBMIT.

Student Discount at Wellspring

If you have three or more children, you are entitled to a discount.  Your 3rd and youngest child, and subsequent children will receive a 10% discount off of their school fees.  Fill in the form to receive a 10% discount on third child’s school fees.

Sponsorship at Wellspring

Wellspring Academy allows for a limited number coming from economically less privileged situations to be enrolled under a full financial scholarship.  If this applies to you, please visit the office for more information.  

School Account information:
Bank of Kigali: 0293012-08
I&M: 0152060-01-27